About Judy’s Run

About Judy’s Run

Welcome to the website for Judy’s Run for Stroke Awareness, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Our Mission for Judy’s Run for Stroke Awareness focuses 100 percent of its donated funds, goods and services on efforts to promote public awareness towards stroke detection, prevention, it’s after effects, and where to get help. Judy’s Run for Stroke Awareness achieves its mission to lower the incidence and impact of stroke by developing community awareness and education through community based, educational outreach programs as well as the Judy’s Run for Stroke Awareness website and sponsored running and walking events.

Here you will find urgent information concerning fund raising efforts supporting Judy’s Run for Stroke Awareness to help reach people like you in an effort to promote stroke awareness, prevention, and save lives. 

This site contains important information concerning symptoms, recognition, prevention, rehabilitation, treatment, support, and additional sources of help for this serious affliction that devastates both survivors and their families.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide continuing education to the public and the media on the importance of stroke awareness and prevention. And as Judy’s Run for stroke awareness evolves, and we continue to educate people on stroke awareness and prevention, we may someday be able to say, “We are bringing down the number of stroke incidences through education”. 

Our events are at the heart of our organization – it’s how we deepen our connection with the community to raise funds, share life-saving information, and inspire healthy living.

Our common goal remains – to reduce death and disability from stroke.

About Judy

Judy Zebrowski suffered a stroke in November, 2005. Judy and I lived in East Northport for 27 years and Judy worked for Northport High School for 15 years. Judy is a resident at the Hamlet Rehabilitation Health Care Center at Nesconset and continues to cope with the everyday struggles of life after a stroke. 

What I miss the most in my split second turn your world upside down is the small pleasures: sharing quiet moments, of having dinner together, the Sunday afternoon drives to Port Jefferson Harbor, holding Judy’s hand and all of the other small pleasures we take for granted. I miss those times terribly! And most of all, my wife who gives me my strength and passion to continue to raise stroke awareness and prevention.

I started Judy’s Run for Awareness, Inc. because of the love I have for my wife and to raise awareness of strokes and the ways to prevent them. In 2008 Judy’s Run for Stroke Awareness was started with a 5K Run every May, in recognition of Stroke Awareness Month. Judy’s Run also hosts a “Night of Giving Hope” fundraiser which features healthy samplings from L.I. restaurants. Our “Rock and Roll Car Show” is held in August. The Tree Logo was designed by my sister in 2008, and the words “TISIT” is very special to me and it’s meaning is expressed by a song on our website,  www.judysrun.com. Judy is my inspiration for all I do for this great cause and “This I Swear Is True!”